Content is money

Whether you are in marketing, creative design or publishing, the number of large files you are working with is growing every week, especially if you work a lot with video, inDesign and high-res image files. Usually these files are stored on network drives or on local computers. But money has been spent to create them and content needs to be stored and tagged properly for future search, reuse and resale. PubliQare makes life better by providing you with central storage solutions that are so easy to use, everyone will.

The real issue of storing

Every process improvement begins at the start of the process. Sounds like an open door, right? But it is still true, and especially important for the content storing process. Being able to search for content in a later stage of the process means that we need to tag content in the right way during the creation process. If you are using content workflow tools, some of this tagging will be done in the back end, but probably not all of it. The real issue of storing is not the storing itself; it is making specific people responsible for content tagging and storage.

Getting to grips

With one central content repository, at least all of your stuff is in one place. But then it boils down to creating the right taxonomy, defining metadata, creating integration with any other systems such as video editing, product information systems (PIMs), marketing workflow tools, and so on. With an increasing volume of digital assets, the digital librarian will become a crucial role within your organisation, and we can help to support the content storage process with flexible, cloud-based storage tools.

Why our solution is so much better

We make content storage better than anyone else in the market:

  • We understand where tagging starts
  • We understand your creation process
  • We know how difficult it is to change your organization towards proper storage
  • Our solution is faster, easier to use, more flexible and scalable

You see, it’s not the technology that does it in the end. It has to work, but people make the difference.

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