In the mix – Tablet and Mobile

Whether your business is producing newspapers, magazines, books, brochures or online content – you’ll also want to publish your content to digital devices such as tablet and smartphones. Ideally, you’ll want to do it with your current staff, skills and infrastructure. The alliance between WoodWing and Adobe yields an unbeatable combination: a market-leading solution for workflow and efficiency in content creation, plus a de facto standard for delivering your interactive content to your readers.

Publishing for everyone

PubliQare feels that everyone with great content should be able to publish that content. Great content creates its own readership. And we want to make sure that every publisher, old or new, is able to publish that content across channels.

Any channel

Because we use the concept of digital first, content is ready to go for any channel. Channel integration is done in the background and a lot of integrations are available out-of-the-box. If not, we can create it.


Want to push out online daily? Print weekly? A monthly newsletter? You decide the timing of your publication.

Publish and unpublish

Because content can be linked across channels, any changes can be pushed to channels simultaneously. Or if necessary, unpublish an article.

Follow the reader

Our solutions will give you the feedback you want about your readership. It’s good to know how successful your content is.

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