Start sharing

Whether your business is producing annual reports, marketing material, newspapers, magazines, books, brochures or online content – you’ll also want to publish your content to digital devices such as tablet and smartphones. Ideally, you’ll want to do this with your current staff, skills and infrastructure. Would you like to know how you can bring your content to digital platforms?

Sharing looks easy, but…

The biggest problem with content sharing is usually the fact that instant sharing technology is not available. PubliQare has loads of experience with content sharing technology. And we can tell you: it’s NOT easy! But the great thing is we can make it easy for the user. Sharing at the press of a button, reuse of content across multiple channels and devices.

Getting your content ready to go

Our secret is that we make sure all your content is stored and tagged in the best way once it has been created. After that, getting content ready is a breeze. We take care of stuff in the background.

Content for every channel, at no additional cost

We can service any channel, even if you haven’t thought of it yet. We will be ready to share information to smart watches or glasses as soon as it becomes relevant to do so. Our goal is for you to share content to different channels, without the burden of creating solutions for each one of them.

Sharing at the press of a button. We can do it

Once your channels have been set up, it really is just the press of a button. You are able to share content whenever you want to whatever channel you prefer, so you can follow the reader at any time.

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