take your multi-channel publishing activities to the next level.

Woodwing Enterprise

For Publishers, Brands and Agencies

Are you struggling to reach your audience at the right moment and via the most effective channels? Or do you have a challenge in creating compelling content to satisfy your readers, using your current staff and budget? Whether you’re a publisher, corporate marketing department or agency, we will take your multi-channel publishing activities to the next level.

WoodWing Enterprise is a multi-channel system by design – from the very core all the way through the enduser interface – you can finally serve all your media channels using just one system. Now is the time to realize your content strategy! Offer your audience the best experience by utilizing the most appropriate channels for each message. WoodWing Enterprise comes out of the box with standard integrations to Adobe InDesign, Adobe InCopy, Adobe DPS, Drupal, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

  • One team manages all channels
  • Easily reuse content
  • Quickly add new (future) channels

WoodWing Enterprise is a flexible solution that can be adapted to any type of content creation environtment. And of course, we can deliver WoodWing as a hosted solution, so you don’t have to worry about hardware.

Content Creation -The story is central


Whether it’s an in-depth article, a high-impact image or video, or a breaking newsflash, your content is the most important asset you have. Our system allows you to create great content through a centralized process of planning, gathering, creating, managing and publishing content.

You can easily pull in content from the Web, a digital asset management system or your existing systems, and collect everything related to your story in a so-called ‘Dossier.’ And the best part is, you’ll never have to leave your familiar working environment – WoodWing’s Content Station

Content Production – Collaborate efficiently

Save time, lower costs, improve quality
Your staff needs to serve more channels in the same amount of time, using the same budget – or even a smaller one. This calls for assistance by having a smart workflow in place and using the best tools for the job at hand. We have extensive experience handling exactly that…

Use the right tools
We know time is money. That’s why we go to great length in developing the most efficient production tools. We conduct usability tests in the field to make sure they work intuitively and perform well. To free up even more time, we automate dull and repetitive tasks.

Never miss a step
To some, the word ‘workflow’ may sound heavy, but in fact, it will greatly ease your life. Your assets – articles, images, and more – will travel through your organization in a structured manner, so that you will never miss a step along the way. Other yields: access control, automatic versioning, clear accountability, real-time overview of production status, and more.

Content Publishing – To any Channel

Execute your content strategy!


Once you have decided whether you have a Web-first story, a tablet-only issue, an instant social media message, or a regular print issue at hand, all you have to do is push the content in your Dossier to the specific channel(s) with the press of a button.

Again, we engineered our solution from the ground up to be multi-channel. And that’s why we can quickly add new channels that haven’t even been developed yet. Our architecture is expandable through various types of plugins. That’s why WoodWing was the first company in the world to deliver a viable tablet publishing solution.

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