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In order to create a perfect fit of our solutions for clients, PubliQare has developed a large range of plugins (server and client side) for WoodWing Enterprise over the years. We sell a number of these plugins under the name “sQare Solutions”. These plugins make the WoodWing Enterprise
environment even more powerful than it already is out-of-the-box. Some examples are:

sQare XML Export Server

A powerful export tool for Woodwing Enterprise that adds status based (XML) export for dossiers and its content. Instead of the usual object or article export this tool exports the complete dossier and its content, relations and placement properties to a single XML structure combined with optional assets. Adobe Incopy Articles are converted to an easier to process XML content structure where style information is kept but other information is removed. The sQare export tool supports pre and post validation, DTD validation, XSL Translation, post processing of content
(i.e. cropping and scaling of related images) and sending exported content to different locations such as a file system folder, FTP site or XMLRPC service.


  • Status driven export of dossier contents
  • Creates uniform generic XML structure
  • Support pre and post validation of content
  • Support XSL 1.0 and 2.0 translation inclusive DTD validation
  • Collects and uses relational and placement information
  • Support for post processing such as image conversion or content validation
  • Support for Email, File system, FTP and XML-RPC (SOAP) delivery of exported content
  • Export same content to different systems and in different formats in one single action
  • Optional queue support making export non block able for the user
  • Modular and completely customizable to customer needs
  • Extensive administration and configuration interface that optionally can be used in Woodwing Content Station.


sQare Enterprise Relay Server

Use the one Woodwing Enterprise workflow on different physical locations using a WAN connection. This tool allows for local caching of native objects while metadata is stored on the main Enterprise system. Content is either periodically or on request (user wants to work on an object that is in a different location) synchronized with the main server.


  • Use the same workflow system at different WAN connected locations
  • Local caching of objects
  • Automatic synchronization of objects
  • Automatic locking and synchronization when objects are not on main or own location.

sQare Issue Generator

Adds a user interface into Woodwing Content Station that allows users to copy issue(s) and its contents to new or existing issues. Whenever issue content is copied to a target issue placements and relations for the copied objects are rebuilt instead of adding relations to the existing objects. The user interface lets users select objects to be copied, rename objects select new issue properties like publication date, deadline etc.


  • Copy issue(s) to existing or new issues
  • Copy and rebuild relations of issue content
  • Select issue objects to be copied
  • (Auto) rename copied objects.

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