Allowing you to focus on the content and sales.


The automation solution for any business and budget

Enfocus – Workflow automation

In today’s magazine or newspaper publishing environments, a lot of files go through a lot hands. Advertisers or ad agencies need to provide you with the advertisements and you need to provide fully laid-out magazines to your printer.

Enfocus has developed solutions needed to achieve reliable and fully automated file production, reception and routing through your workflow, allowing you as to focus on the content and sales.

Switch – The automation solution for any business and budget


Optimize, customize and take control of your processes

Switch fully automates the quality of your files and how they’re created, shared and received. Switch also integrates and connects to third-party applications in your workflow, linking everything together into a customized production flow.

  • You’re always in control of your workflow
  • You know the status of any document at any time
  • Make the software you already have more powerful

Consistency is the key to good workflow automation

Switch makes document management a breeze. You can create powerful workflows that automatically ensure your desired level of consistency and quality while being flexible enough to adjust to new business needs as they develop. Switch is the best document management software around.

  • Install automatic, standardized communication to all your contacts
  • Add many more flows as your business needs start to grow

Buy what you need, grow when you’re ready

Switch is a modular and open solution. Start by automating a part of your workflow and add functionalities as your business grows.

  • Only pay for the functionality you need.
  • Let the solution grow with your business

Connect all / Pitstop

Tools for pdf preflighting and auto-correction


Receive error-free advertisements right from the start

You have most likely had to explain over and over again to your advertisers how to deliver files to you. You have given them print styles, PDF settings and delivery specifications and have shown them screenshots, but they are still not getting it right. Enfocus Connect ALL facilitates hassle-free job delivery from your outside clients, with a solution for creating and guaranteeing high-quality PDFs before they leave the designer’s workstation. Enfocus Connect ALL ensures that all files you receive comply with your specifications and can be transferred directly into your workflow. This additional control over incoming files and jobs enables you to streamline your workflow and save time and worries.

Last minute editing and preflighting

PitStop Pro offers all interactive error checking and correction possibilities one can imagine. A must-have tool in any pre-print environment, PitStop Pro is built on Enfocus’ automatically preflight and correct large volumes of PDF filesward winning PDF preflight and editing technology. It offers all the necessary interactive error checking and correction possibilities.

Automatic file processing

Manually checking all incoming files takes an enormous amount of time and work. With PitStop Server, you can by simply dropping them into a hot folder.




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