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Adobe DPS

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS)


In the mix – Tablet and Mobile

Whether your business is producing newspapers, magazines, books, brochures or online content – you’ll also want to publish your content to digital devices such as tablet and smartphones. Ideally, you’ll want to do it with your current staff, skills and infrastructure.

The alliance between WoodWing and Adobe yields an unbeatable combination: a market-leading solution for workflow
and efficiency in content creation, plus a de facto standard for delivering your interactive content to your readers.

Adobe DPS is the premium platform for content sharing on mobile devices. Designers can use their trusted Adobe creation tools, such as InDesign and Edge. With HTML5, apps can be completely customized. Adobe DPS is focused on monetizing content on mobile and includes marketing analytics, subscription management and integration with web shops.

Your content – Your strategy

ft-adobe-dps-strategyBased on a solid and efficient workflow that can scale from a single user to hundreds of designers,editors, and writers, our Enterprise multi-channel publishing solution helps you plan and gather your content for all channels.

You may want to publish your story to tablet first or let your website take precedence. Maybe your print issue will contain an extended version of your story. Send out a teaser via Twitter first?

This is all about your content strategy; we help you execute it.

Creation – Use familiar tools

ft-adobe-dps-woodwing-digital-publishing-tools WoodWing’s Digital Publishing Tools for Adobe InDesign let you use familiar tools to create breathtaking interactive publications – no programming required and hardly any learning curve. Use hotspots, slideshows, scrollable areas and more, and nest interactivity for even greater impact. Or try your hand with HTML5 Widgets, where possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

WoodWing’s integration with Adobe DPS also allows you to use Adobe’s regular Digital Publishing Tools.

Assembly – As simple as drag and drop

ft-adobe-dps-assemblyIn Content Station, you can see a dashboard view of all your pages for every available device. Rearrange them by clicking and dragging, and preview selected or all articles on your desktop or the actual tablet. When you’re satisfied with the results, simply click the Publish button to directly push your .folio content to Adobe’s Distribution Service. That’s it!

WoodWing’s multi-channel publishing solution does all the hard work.

Delivery – Straight to your audience

To build your App, use the Adobe Viewer Builder Service. You can choose to include your content inside a single .folio application, or build a multi-.folio application where customers can download new content – the ultimate solution for periodicals.

WoodWing’s solution has been tightly integrated with the Adobe DPS Distribution Service – a robust, future-proof cloud solution with support for all major platforms, to deliver your content around the globe.

Enjoy – The most flexible Reader

ft-adobe-dps-enjoyImmerse readers in the look and feel of your publication’s brand by creating a branded Content Viewer. The built-in library displays content available for purchase and download. Working across devices, including the iPad, iPhone and iPod, Kindle Fire and other Android tablets, and with support for HTML5 and iOS Newsstand, the Content Viewer makes your content come to life.

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