KSM Communications

KSM Communications in Amsterdam is the Dutch subsidiary of JWT ́s global network of advertising agencies (part of the WPP Holding). The agency works for major clients, including well-known companies from the retail, automotive and pharmaceutical sector. For the management of its enormous number of files in various formats the team relies on WoodWing ́s digital asset management solution Elvis DAM.



  • KSM had been using a DAM system for years. To use this DAM system efficiently with the continuously growing demands, significant investment in hardware would have been necessary.
  • Users wanted the DAM system to be more user-friendly.
  • To ensure highly efficient digital asset management the team considered both expanding the existing system as well as its replacement.



  • The system should ensure highest efficiency along with the significantly increasing number of images in very high resolution.
  • Deployment as a on-premise system in a mixed Windows and Macintosh environment should be no problem.
  • The team aimed to significantly increase production efficiency, to solve performance issues and to improve user acceptance.
  • The system must be able to handle many different file types including Adobe InDesign, AfterEffects, Illustrator, PDF, several image formats and many more.


  • KSM uses Elvis DAM for the production of print and digital media and in-store communications
  • The team enjoys an optimized workflow, high ease of use and a clear view of all assets in various formats – and files required for any job can be found at lightning speed.
  • Several clients have remote access to the DAM system, simplifying complex review processes.

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