Supporting Impresa's digital and print business


About Impresa

Impresa is the largest Portugese media conglomerate, headquartered near Lisbon (Oeiras). It is the owner of SIC TV channel, and Expresso newspaper, among other leading media, such as magazine publications and TV channels. A third online business segment was launched under the name Impresa Digital. Impresa is the Portugese market leader in digital publishing.



  • Redesign of the editorial production processes;
  • Implementation of WoodWing Enterprise for all editorial teams;
  • Mix of newspapers and magazines;
  • Implementation of Elvis DAM to support the photography team and the image workflows;
  • Replacement of archive by Elvis DAM for over 1,000 users.


  • Increase efficiency of the processes, enabling teams to create multi-channel publications;
  • Create multi-channel publishing capability;
  • Make a clear split in editorial processes and technology.


  • All newspapers and magazines working with one common work process;
  • Publication to print, online, tablet and mobile from one source;
  • One single archive for content reuse across channels;
  • Launch of digital only publications in WoodWing Enterprise with the same editorial teams, but new advertisers.

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