Dennis Publishing (UK)

Dennis Publishing

Dennis Publishing is one of the world’s leading independent publishers. Founded in 1974, the group consists of a number of operating companies in the UK and USA. Dennis Publishing is one of the world’s fastest-growing independently owned media companies. Group turnover exceeds £100 million a year, excluding subsidiary companies. The company publishes over 70 magazines, digital magazines, Magbooks , websites, apps and mobile sites in the UK (including The Week, Auto Express, PC Pro, Viz and Men’s Fitness) and The Week and Mental Floss in the US. Dennis is also a major shareholder in Dovetail Services Ltd and owns the third party marketing company 3PM. Dennis Publishing is privately owned by Felix Dennis.

Dennis Publishing (UK)


  • Dennis was using a file-based editorial workflow.
  • Acquisitions from the past lead to different work processes across magazine titles.
  • The implementation was done across all magazine titles.


  • Unify the editorial workflows across titles.
  • Deploy WoodWing Enterprise on a cross-platform (Mac/Windows) environment.
  • Implement Elvis DAM across editorial teams for archiving, licensing and syndication purposes.
  • Increase production efficiency and enable multichannel publishing.


  • All Dennis titles live with WoodWing Enterprise.
  • One unified work process across titles.
  • Multichannel environment.
  • High level of backoffice automation.

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