In April 2010 the Apple iPad was launched. At the time, it was like the new revolution in publishing. A huge iPhone with a screen big enough to be used for reading magazines on it. We are now 4,5 years down the line and have seen plenty of solutions in this market space. This week read more
Today, we have launched our new website. As a system integrator and consultant, always wanting to be on top of content technology, we decided to market what we believe we are best at: the things we experience with our clients on a daily basis. This is the result: our new website. That’s it?

No, read more

Upcoming events

  1. 13 October15 October

    World Publishing Expo 2014

    Publishing on all channels! PubliQare & WoodWing invite you to come and visit us at the World Publishing Expo, formaly known... Read more
  2. 16 October

    Webinar “Sharing content easily in co-productions”

    Elvis DAM is Digital Asset Management software for the media, creative and corporate industry. Elvis DAM offers the most powerful... Read more
  3. 19 November

    Inct.spiratie 2014

    Knowledge event about media marketing. This year, inct.spiratie is more than ever a knowledge event where getting and sharing knowledge... Read more